How to Tell If Your Car Needs an Alignment


Keeping your hands on the steering wheel is one of the first rules of driving. If a situation occurs where you must briefly release the wheel and you notice your vehicle begin to veer towards oncoming traffic (or off the road), there’s a good chance your vehicle’s alignment is off.

What Is a Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment is regular auto maintenance that adjusts the vehicle’s suspension to properly angle the wheels so your car, truck, or SUV travels in a straight line.

Why Is an Alignment Important?

Maintaining a proper alignment ensures optimal drivability. A smoother ride with better handling helps you get from point A to point B safely. Plus, car repairs are expensive! Improper alignment can cause you to burn through your tires unevenly and prematurely. Crucial steering and suspension components can also be compromised, leading to costly repairs. You could even find your fuel economy decreases, causing more stops at the pump.

What Causes My Vehicle to Get out of Alignment?

You car can lose its alignment from many different causes. It doesn’t take much! The most common instances occur from:

  • Driving over a pothole
  • Hitting a curb or parking stall
  • General wear and tear (over time, components of your car’s suspension can break down)

How to Tell If My Vehicle Needs an Alignment

Misalignment can be so subtle that you may not even know you need to correct it. You won’t find any warning lights on the dashboard, but there are some indicators to help:

  • Car pulls to the left or right while driving (Check your tire pressure first! Under-inflated tires can cause a vehicle to pull to one side or the other.)
  • Steering wheel won’t stay centered
  • Premature or uneven tire wear
  • Handling feels loose

How Do I Get My Vehicle Aligned?

Ideally, your vehicle’s alignment should be checked every other oil change. If you notice any of the above indicators or suspect your alignment is off, please have a specialist take a look for you.

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