Women in Automotive


At Scholfield Honda, we take pride in celebrating and supporting women who work in the automotive industry.

On Monday, Feb. 17 at NADA’s Live Stage located on the central concourse of the Las Vegas Convention Center, four women leaders presented the grand-prize winner of the third annual Women Driving Auto Retail video contest to our Scholfield Honda team.

We spoke with some of the inspiring women who are a part of the Scholfield family. They talked about their experiences, past stigmas and why they would encourage other women to pursue a career in automotive today.

Office Manager Lorina Hilton talked a bit about her start in the industry and how that has changed over time.

“When I first started it was a little intimidating. It was kind of a man’s world. There were mostly men salesmen, all men technicians and all men running management; it was intimidating. I would say that all of those are almost non-existent now,” she said.

So, how does Lorina feel about her job at Scholfield?

I love my job because I work with awesome people. Everyone has goals and everyone is goal-driven. I feel like my opinions matter, I feel like my suggestions matter

When asked about how she feels about working at Scholfield, Appointment Coordinator Lisa Doa said, “Scholfield empowers women by treating us all the same. Everybody is very friendly with each other.”

Service Advisor Caitlin Hays had a certain stereotype in mind surrounding the industry, but working at Scholfield changed that. “Before I joined the auto industry, I had the idea that it was going to be very much male-driven whereas coming into Scholfield, it has proved that it is nothing like that.”

Caitlin believes that the auto industry is still fairly male-driven overall, but a great equalizer.

You succeed on your own merits,” she said. “So, if a woman is dedicated and works hard she can do just as well as her male counterparts.

Service Manager, Jennifer Snodgrass, is a prime example of what hard work and success look like in auto.

When asked about her role, Jennifer said, “I wear a lot of hats here. I am the service manager, but I also cover in the parts department, I help the service advisors, I move cars, I do pretty much everything except work on the cars.

If you are looking for a woman who knows her way around the repair and maintenance side of things, Lesbie Rodriguez is one of the best technicians around and you can tell she has a passion for what she does. “My favorite part of my job is finishing the job on the car because you feel like you did something, completed something, and that you got it done right.”

It is pretty obvious that there is a serious shift going on in the automotive space and for any other women wanting to enter the industry, our team members had a few words they wanted to share.

Service Advisor Brittanie Genosky said, “If any other woman was thinking about going into this industry, I would tell her, ‘Go for it. This is a great place to work!’ A lot of female customers like to see other women working in this industry so I would tell them, ‘Just come try it!’”

Lorina Hilton also spoke specifically on the industry shift.

The auto industry is a great place for women to succeed because the auto industry is changing. More and more women are buying more cars, feeling more comfortable coming to our service department, and making more decisions based on their needs so there is more of a need for women to be in the auto industry.”

For the seventh consecutive year, Scholfield Honda has been honored with the 2019 Women’s Choice Award® for Outstanding Customer Experience. The Scholfield dealership qualified based on receiving excellent survey scores in several areas including the overall sales experience, where 9 out of 10 of their female customers reported that they would highly recommend Scholfield Honda to friends and family.

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