Sales Associate

Position Summary

  • Is focused on the process of understanding and meeting customer needs.
  • Must have basic knowledge of automotive systems and thorough knowledge of prices, models, series, options, and other variations of the manufacturer’s products.
  • Should know much about competitors’ products and prices.
  • Should demonstrate sensitivity toward customers and a strong interest in exceeding customers’ expectations.
  • Must have polished communication skills with customers, including the ability to present the dealerships products and to pinpoint customers’ needs by interviewing and questioning.
  • Must work with the Sales Manager in completing sales contracts that meet customers’ needs.
  • Is capable of addressing customer hesitation and resistance.
  • Presents a positive image of the dealership, both in mode of dress and in helpful and friendly attitude.
  • In conjunction with the Sales Manager, determines personal sales goals and the methods by which those goals will be met, which affords the Sales Consultant a structured method of building a clientele and achieving success.
  • Works systematically not only in the sales process but also in the process of handling the many administrative requirements of the position (e.g., paperwork, plans, reports, and the maintenance of a tracking system on prospects and owners).


  • Sales/Marketing
  • Maintenance of Product
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Administration
  • Interdepartmental Relations


  • Adaptability
  • Analysis
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Customer Enthusiasm
  • Judgment
  • Organizing and Planning
  • Teamwork
  • Communication

Required Skills

  • Knowledge of sales procedures, processes, and follow-up
  • Ability to receive guests
  • Ability to effectively relate to customers of all backgrounds and to focus on customer enthusiasm
  • Knowledge of company products (prices, models, series, options, warranties, colors, standard equipment, specifications)
  • Ability to network, follow up on prospects, and ask for referrals
  • Ability to counsel customers (regarding their likes, dislikes, needs)
  • Ability to drive customer and company vehicles safely

Work Orientation Factors

  • Much customer contact
  • Long hours
  • Moderate stress
  • Much contact with people in all dealership departments

What the Worker is Like

  • May be hired with no prior sales experience or might come to the dealership with a background in insurance, real estate, or retail sales.
  • Must have a positive attitude and bearing.
  • Comes to each prospective sale with the same smile and engaging nature.
  • Genuinely enjoys customers and engages them in purposeful conversations that gather information important to a sale, and probes for possible alternative suggestions and ideas.
  • Works readily with numbers and can discuss the company’s products with accuracy and assurance.
  • While capable of working with a Sales Manager, is an accomplished self-manager when it comes to using time productively.

What the Work is Like

  • Entails knowing the entire dealership thoroughly, department to department.
  • Involves continual learning about new approaches to sales, new information regarding products, new administrative efficiencies, and customers.
  • Requires building strong interdepartmental relationships, particularly with the Business Department and Financial Services, and paying close attention to the requirements of those departments within the process of selling.
  • Involves risk and satisfaction, long hours, and much teamwork.

 7017 E Kellogg Dr
Wichita, KS 67207

Apply in person, or call GM, Brad Cox, or Sales Manager, Chevis Coleman with questions, and/or to schedule a time to fill out application onsite. 316-688-6400

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