Service Driver

Job Description

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $10.00 per hour

Position Summary

The Lot Porter:

· Checks the delivery log daily.

· Alerts Sales Consultants that sold units are arriving.

· Physically checks new vehicles into the dealership, noting and reporting any damage from transit.

· Prepares stock folders for new vehicles.

· Assigns stock numbers to each new vehicle, puts the number in the vehicle window, and ensures that the proper keys are in the vehicle.

· Identifies keys with proper tags for new vehicles.

· Prepares vehicle “wash-out.”

· Notes that the appropriate accessories have been installed in vehicles.

· Ensures that service orders are written for preps

· Parks vehicles in inventory, in stock for new vehicles, or in the service area for vehicles being serviced.

· Checks retailer trade vehicles for possible damage.

· Ensures that the owner’s manual and appropriate accessories are in the vehicle.

· Completes the odometer statements for all outbound and inbound vehicles.

· Parks retailer trade vehicles in inventory.

· Washes and waxes new vehicles and dresses the tires.

· Ensures that engines and trunks are properly detailed.

· Double-checks fluid levels in newly sold vehicles.

· Vacuums and washes the windows (inside and outside) of newly sold vehicles.

· Ensures that newly sold vehicles have full gas tanks prior to delivery to customers.

· Checks to ensure that technicians have accurately completed PDI (pre-delivery inspection) forms.

· Drives vehicles from technicians’ stalls to the service parking area.

· Wash serviced vehicles and moves them to the service parking area.

· Drives service/repair customers to their homes or places of employment.

· Runs miscellaneous errands for the dealership.

· Assists in ensuring the neat appearance of the dealership (e.g., picks up litter, shovels snow off vehicles, wipes off showroom cars, cleans office windows).

· Assists in directing traffic for service events.

· Changes license plates of sold vehicles when requested.

· Replaces trade vehicles’ retail plate frames.

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