Tips for Buying a New Car That You Need to Know


Buying a new car can be an exciting experience but it can also get a little bit confusing and overwhelming. With a few tips in your back pocket, you can have a smoother, more relaxed new car buying experience.

When it comes to purchasing a new Honda, You should have a good idea of what features you’re looking for and what questions you want to ask when you arrive. 

Don’t Go Into the Car Buying Process Blindly

Purchasing a new car is rarely a spur-of-the-moment decision and research is a critical part of the buying process. Doing a little bit of your own research can help you make the most of your time when you do head on over to the lot.

Research Based on What Matters to You

How do you go about choosing the car you want? Do you look at the design first? Maybe, you look at a list of features. For some, safety and cabin space are huge factors in their decision. If you’re considering purchasing a new Honda, you probably already have a few front runners in mind. 

Look at different trim levels of your favorite model and see if there is an option that offers features that are better suited to your needs.

Read Reviews and Talk with the Pros

The internet is an excellent resource when purchasing a new car. You can read reviews, watch videos, and learn from real people who have purchased the same make and model that you’re interested in. 

When you research other people’s experiences and reviews of the vehicle, you know what to look for when you head to the dealership, when you get behind the wheel on your test drive, and when you’re discussing financing options.

You can also always contact our expert team and ask specific questions about the car, truck, or SUV that you have your eye on. With social distancing still in place, we are now offering convenient, virtual visits where you can speak with a professional, ask questions, and view cars on the lot from the comfort of your own home. Click below to schedule your virtual visit with our team!

Schedule Your Virtual Visit with Our Team

Know Your Financing Options

Cars are an investment and you want to get the best deal possible because odds are you will be driving your car for a long time.

Scholfield offers a variety of financing options to our customers including our new budget relief program that helps customers take a look at what the actual price of the car, how much car insurance will be and more to get you the best deal possible..

Get the Most Out of Your New Car Buying Experience

Buying a new car doesn’t have to be stressful or confusing. Remember to take your time through the process to make the right decisions and the right purchase.

Test Drive the Car

Before you make any firm decisions, test drive the car. Consider the reviews you’ve read about the car online and play with all the features the car has to offer. Drive the car as you would normally to get a feel for what it would be like to own the car.

We understand that you might be a bit nervous about heading to the dealership and test driving a car during these unpredictable times. Scholfield Honda will completely sanitize and drop the car you want to test drive off in your driveway. When you are done test driving, we will come pick it up and you can decide if that new Honda is right for you!

Schedule Your Test Drive Drop-Off

Take Your Time

Buying a new car takes time. When you dedicate the time to the purchase, you’ll be more confident in your decision. You should also make sure you work with a team who has your best interest in mind and ask plenty of questions along the way!

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If you’re looking at purchasing a new Honda and you’re ready to take one out for a spin, view our online inventory and check out our shopping tools! If you do have questions or are ready to buy, the Honda experts at Scholfield are here to help!