Buying Out Of State?

Exploring New Honda Purchases Across State Lines:

Scholfield Honda: Your Trusted Partner for Out-of-State Vehicle Purchases

Embark on your vehicle buying journey with Scholfield Honda, where we simplify the process of acquiring your next Honda, even from out of state. Nestled in the heart of Kansas, Scholfield Honda, with its rich heritage and commitment to customer satisfaction, ensures a seamless and rewarding experience for every out-of-state purchase.

Common Questions About Out-of-State Honda Purchases

1. Do You Offer Vehicle Shipping?
Yes, Scholfield Honda can arrange for the shipment of your vehicle across the United States, ensuring a hassle-free delivery right to your doorstep.

2. How Do Pricing and Incentives Work?
Our listed prices for new Hondas include all applicable manufacturer incentives for our region. Should there be any differences based on your location, we’ll adjust the pricing to ensure you receive the best offers available in your area.

3. What About Sales Tax?
We navigate the complexities of state-specific tax laws to ensure that your purchase is as cost-effective as possible, aiming for a smooth and transparent transaction.

4. Can I Register My Scholfield Honda Vehicle in My Home State?
Absolutely. We accommodate all state-specific requirements, including emissions and registration, to facilitate a seamless transition of your new Honda to your home state.

5. Financing Options?
While we may not accept certain forms of payment for out-of-state deals, our team is here to help you explore financing options that align with your needs, ensuring a smooth purchasing process.

6. Insurance and Registration Assistance?
Our team at Scholfield Honda will assist you every step of the way, from ensuring you have the proper insurance to matching your driver’s license and ID proofs with your new registration.

7. Managing Title and Registration?
To comply with all manufacturer and lender requirements, we handle all aspects of title and registration to ensure your transaction meets Honda’s incentive programs and provides you with peace of mind.

8. Additional Fees from My State?
We make every effort to accurately estimate any local fees, taxes, or charges that might apply in your state, relying on your assistance for any specific documentation or fees required for a timely vehicle delivery.

9. Timeline for Registration Completion?
Processing times for titles and registration can vary by state. We aim to complete your vehicle’s registration within 60 days, contingent upon receiving all necessary documentation.

Discover the Ease of Out-of-State Purchases with Scholfield Honda

Choosing Scholfield Honda for your out-of-state vehicle purchase not only connects you with the largest selection of new and pre-owned Hondas in Kansas but also guarantees a buying experience rooted in family values and customer care. Trust in Scholfield Honda’s legacy of service and excellence for your next Honda purchase, no matter where you reside. Contact us today to begin your seamless out-of-state vehicle acquisition journey.

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